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  • Serve Your Client Better With This Action


    (This is a concept that will be discussed in our upcoming webinar, “How To Determine Client Motive,” a live event April 25,  12p EST

    Have you ever been in a buying situation where you feel like the salesperson is probing for something—trying to get you to say something that will allow him or her to close you? Of course. We’ve all been there.

    It amuses me how many selling systems are built on the premise that if you find someone’s needs, pain or frustrations, you can sell them easier.

    But what if finding the problem or the exploration of the possibility (which we’ll address later) is really about serving the customer? How might that change the conversation and result?
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    Human Traits: How the sameness between people transcend country differences.

    In this episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan discuss the similarities in attitudes and expectations amongst buyers and sellers from region to region across the globe.  Many people focus on how to deal with the differences, but Bill and Bryan take a refreshing look at the subject and explain how the sameness can transcend regional differences and country differences.  Plus a big announcement on how YOU can be a client of Bill and Bryan’s regardless of where you’re listening to the show.
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    Sales Tips for Pluckers Wing Bar

    This week on the Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan talk about Pluckers Wing Bar.  How does this exactly translate to the usual sales tips that are commonly discussed?  You’re just going to have to listen to find out!
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    Getting “EDGY” with Dan Waldschmidt

    ExpertCafeHave you ever met someone that draws you in like a magnet? Because of their energy, courage to draw their line in the sand and how they state their beliefs without wavering? That is what happened when I met Dan Waldschmidt. Let’s be clear, I’ve never met him in person. BUT, his energy is so intense, it doesn’t matter. He’s wicked smart, funny, and one of kindest and most gracious human beings I’ve ever met.

    That being said, I was truly honored when he asked me to help him launch his book “EDGY Conversations”.
    EDGY Conversations is a fresh look at how ordinary people can achieve outrageous success. Based on 1,000 stories of high performers who defied the odds and achieved personal success, the book challenges the conventional wisdom about how to achieve audacious goals and outlines the surprising truths of overcoming obstacles in business and in life.
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    Achieving Peak Performance: How Do We Approach the Mentality of Success?

    What is it that puts us in a state of mind where we can accomplish great things?

    Bill and Bryan consistently talk about how to get your mindset right and hot to make sure we think about embracing abundance.  On this podcast, they discuss a few ways to get into a “mental flow” when it comes to thinking abundantly.  From goal setting to the final solution with your client, Bill and Bryan explain how important your flow is in achieving success.
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    Call Volume: Legitimate Concern or A Red Herring?

    After some technical snafus, we’re back with another episode of the Advanced Selling Podcast!  One of the most popular questions in the sales world is “How important really is call volume?”  Instead of asking that question, why not figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.  Are you just trying to get your call volume up? Or are you trying to accomplish sales and relationships?  Bill and Bryan take this question and dive deeper into the actions that you should take and what behaviors you should focus on in order to really understand the end goal of your sales calls.  Find out during this episode.

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    Have a Discussion that Generates Real Leads

    (This is a concept that will be discussed in our upcoming webinar, “21st Century Lead Generation,” a live event March 28,  12p EST

    I struggled for years thinking that we sales and marketing professionals play too loosely with the term lead. To me, a lead isn’t a true lead until there’s a conversation with the prospect that determines if they have an interest, if they have the money to pay for it, and if they are committed to fixing the problem they tell you they have.

    When we don’t clearly define lead, any person who shows up in our space becomes a “lead.” And that’s not how you create business. That’s how you become tired…quickly.
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