20 Rules For Modern Selling *FREE REPORT*

Special Report: “20 Rules for Modern Selling” – 2013-14 Edition (list price: $19)

This special report is for sales people and executives who want to improve their results in 2014. It’s based on the premise that if you want to dramatically improve your sales results, you must begin by setting new rules – for yourself and for the sales process.

Caskey is a sales training and leadership coaching firm in Indianapolis and has worked with B2B sales organizations since 1990. This report is a culmination of years of documenting best practices for clients worldwide.

  • How to take your competitors out of the equation. It’s the one thing that most salespeople miss – page 5.
  • Why enthusiasm and positive thinking don’t work in selling – page 3.
  • Setting the stage for sales success with a Process Agenda – page 6.
  • John D. Rockefeller’s secret for succeeding in business with leverage – page 2.
  • How to find the right prospects to call on – page 4.
  • What to do when the prospect says, “We already have a supplier” – page 3.